Annual Report 2021/22

A sense of integrity has driven our success in times of prosperity; it is the source of our resilience in moments of challenge.

Across 55 years of operations, we have developed a track record of prudent corporate governance, conscientious business practices, and responsible engagement with the communities and environment in which we operate. This is the foundation of the durable bonds we have created with our stakeholders.

And as Sri Lanka faces a period as difficult as any in its history, what is needed is honest, accountable, ethical leadership in all spheres of our country’s society, especially the corporate sector. Now, more than ever, integrity matters.

That we are a growing concern goes without saying – a business that has the ability to continue in business for the foreseeable future.

But the current era demands more from businesses. For instance, sudden disruptions are the new norm, be they economic, political, business, or climate-related. This means that the old parameters for gauging long-term success are no longer enough. By calling this publication a growing concern, we highlight not just our rich half century of progress from humble beginnings, but also our potential for sustainable, unfettered growth over the next 50 years and beyond.